English version : FavoriteArtists is release now. What's your favorite artists as playlist? [FavoriteArtists]

We released FavoriteArtists as an iPhone app.

It is a recommended free application (partly charged) recommended for those who subscribe to Apple Music.

An app that allows you to select songs at random with reference to the order of your favorite artists.
An application that allows you to load your favorite playlist and fine-tune it to your liking.
An app to keep you from listening to your favorite artists' songs and new music.
An application (paid) for creating and sending your own playlists.

Every week, Wednesday and Friday, your favorite artist's songs will continue to increase, but are you busy and don't have time to listen to it?

In such a case, this app is useful.

If you arrange them in the order of your favorite artists, the rest will be automatically selected at random.
What's more, songs that have been recently released or just registered on the device will be selected preferentially.

Since it is a free app, please download and try first.

There is also the ability to create playlists, but this is a fee. If you like the app, please purchase it. With this feature, you can save your favorite song order as a playlist.
In addition, you can pass a playlist when you want to show your preferences to your friends and others.

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