If you are dissatisfied with the playlist order,... Ans. Favorite Artists music [FavoriteArtists]

We think that some people can use Apple Music to listen to many songs and use playlists created by someone else.
If you actually use a playlist, you may be worried about the order of performance.
There are apps that can help you.

We released FavoriteArtists (favorite artists) as Apple and iPhone applications.

Since there is a function to import a playlist, the playlist is imported.
And you can move the part of the performance song you care about.

To register a new playlist, you need to purchase a paid function.

Also, when you line up your favorite artists, you can select songs randomly based on their order.
In addition, if you register the artist of the song in the playlist, you can select different songs from the same artist.

Since it is a free app, please download and try first.

Again, the ability to create playlists is a fee. If you like the app, please purchase it. With this feature, you can save your favorite song order as a playlist.
In addition, you can pass a playlist when you want to show your preferences to your friends and others.

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