How to listen to newly registered album songs. playlist music favorite artists [FavoriteArtists]

If you use Apple Music, you may discover and register albums that you didn't even know about even registered artists. Sometimes you don't have enough time to listen as an album, and you end up not listening. I need a way to listen to songs from newly registered albums little by little.

There are apps that can help you.

We released FavoriteArtists (favorite artists) as Apple and iPhone applications.

Registration is easy. Just register your favorite artists in order. After registering the artist, press the song selection button to automatically create a performance list.
If you do n’t like it, press the song selection button or tap an individual song to show another song.

When you register a new album or register a song that you did not know, it will preferentially select that song.

If you register an album that you didn't know, let the artist rank the highest. That way, the songs from that album will be preferentially selected within an hour.
The created list can be output as a playlist.
To register a new playlist, you need to purchase a paid function.
If you add the ability to create playlists, you can create new playlist combinations and select them according to the scene you want to play music.

Since it is a free app, please download and try first.

Again, the ability to create playlists is a fee. If you like the app, please purchase it. With this feature, you can save your favorite song order as a playlist.
In addition, you can pass a playlist when you want to show your preferences to your friends and others.

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新たに登録した知らなかったアルバムの曲を聴く方法。playlist music favorite artists [FavoriteArtists]

Apple Musicを使っていると、すでに登録ずみのアーティストでも知らなかったアルバムを発見し、登録することがあります。アルバムとして聴く時間が十分に取れなくて、結局、聴かないままになってしまうことがあります。新たに登録したアルバムの曲を優先的に少しずつ聴く方法があればなあ。


Apple, iPhoneアプリとして、FavoriteArtists(フェバリットアーティスト)をリリースしました。






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