PhotoWith version1.0 release. all data becomes photo data together with photo images. [PhotoWith]

PhotoWith is now released.
In PhotoWith, all data becomes photo data together with photo images.
A compact file size! Dailytask, Routine-task, Health-check, OK!
App used in disasters and accidents!

(For iPhone)

(For iPad)

Main functions:
1. An app that can record date and time, GPS, shooting address, direction, altitude, pressure, and moment along with photos
2. By adjusting the image quality and size of the photo, the data size of the photo can be much smaller than usual.
   (example by iPhone: 2Mbytes per standard photo => 0.4 Mbytes /per PhotoWith)
3. Date and time, GPS, location, altitude, barometric pressure, moment of shooting, etc. are recorded together with the image taken as image data, so you can visually check the necessary information just by looking at the photo.
4. It is possible to perform shooting preparation at the same time as launching the application and shoot automatically.
5. There is a waiting time to decide whether to save the captured image and other information. It is possible to cancel the image without saving it. Of course, all can be manually operated.

When should I use this app?
1. When simply recording daily work that is routine work, for example, clearing the room, recording the mileage of the car, the shop that went out, the cat that was walking, etc.
2. In the event of an accident or disaster, to convey the status of the place via SNS or email in a short time.
3. You have taken a picture but want to reduce the data size as much as possible.
4. When you want to avoid getting too detailed information from the viewpoint of privacy, for example, when you want to take a picture with an image quality that does not allow you to know the number of the license plate of the car in the picture.
5. When you want to take a picture by preparing several shooting conditions and immediately changing the settings according to the situation.

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