Introducing the application PhotoWith I want to record work recording cameras, GPS, atmospheric pressure information, etc. as photos [PhotoWith]

PhotoWith has been released for iPhone and iPad.

PhotoWith is an application that can save information such as date and time, GPS information, address, barometric pressure, motion, etc. at the same time as taking a picture as an image.
Compact file size and 4 shooting settings can be changed flexibly by adjusting the image quality, and there is a countdown type automatic shooting and automatic saving function.
Perform daily work, regular work and simple recording work quickly. Effective for reporting accidents and disasters.

Key features:
1. It is an application that can record the date and time, GPS, shooting address, direction, altitude, atmospheric pressure, and moment along with photos.


3. The date and time, GPS, position, altitude, barometric pressure, moment of shooting, etc. are recorded together with the image taken as image data, so you can visually check the necessary information just by looking at the photo.

(Various other)
First download. Basic functions are free. Some functions are charged to recover development costs.

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アプリPhotoWithのご紹介 作業記録用カメラ、できるだけ小さいデータサイズのカメラアプリ。 [PhotoWith]



主な機能 :
1. 写真とともに日時、GPS、撮影住所、方角、標高、気圧、モーメントを記録できるアプリです。


3. 写真を撮影したけれど、データサイズを出来るだけ小さくしたい時。


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