Infectious disease prevention learning simulator for the general public, apple app [Infect]

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We have created a simulator that will help the general public understand policies for infectious diseases.
The prototype for the iPhone / iPad version has been completed and has been reviewed by Apple.
However, apps related to covid19 are limited to government agencies, universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, etc. designated by Apple.

The app configuration is created only with swiftUI and swift. It doesn't use any external objects. If you have apple's xcode environment, you can create an execution module immediately.

We are also considering transferring the app, but there are the following issues.
1) Can the transferee release the app properly?
2) Can the transferee maintain the app continuously until the end of covid19?
3) Does the transferee impose any restrictions on the terms of use of the app? (For example, charge)
4) The simulator is designed so that its functions can be expanded in the future. Can you accept my request for enhancements? Or can the transferee properly extend the functionality?

The purpose of this app is to help the general public, especially those living in areas with insufficient educational opportunities, learn how to deal with covid19 and avoid wrong behavior and increased risk of infection. ..
To that end, cooperation with vaccination medical teams and NGOs is also required.
I think that the transferee will also need to make efforts to coordinate with NGOs and reflect the requests in the app.

I also considered the case where I would participate in the developer registration of the other party, but considering the development method and development policy, it would be better for the transferee to take the initiative and continue development. I am thinking.
I think that it may be desirable for those who are doing simulation research at the university and those who are doing social simulation to publish and update the application in the long term.

If you belong to an organization that can release Apple's covid19 related apps and are interested in apps that let the general public around the world learn about infection prevention, please reply.







For additional information regarding Apple’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please refer to the Ensuring the Credibility of Health & Safety Information update on the Apple Developer website.

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