Charging Time is now on release. [ChargingTime]

Apple iPhone/iPad app, Charging Time is now on release.

Charging Time is an app that predicts the time it takes to charge the device where the app is installed.

1.Predict how long it will take to reach a specified charge level.
2.The current charging status is used for the next charging prediction.
3.You can manage charging forecast data for each charger.
4.Predictions can also be made for stages in the middle of a specified target charge level.
5.You will be notified by sound and vibration when you reach the target level.
6.There is a function to adjust the expected time.

When it is not in the charging state, it calculates the expected time.
Charging prediction starts automatically when the battery is charged.
Simple screen operation, easy charge level setting, with slider adjustment function when charging time deviates.
You can measure the charging time according to the charging environment, such as the charger you use or charging while using.
You can also predict charging during charging.

Please check it.

Charging Time


1. トップ画面を表示させます。
2. 画面下側のシンボル画像から使用する充電器用のシンボルを選択します。
3. 充電器をこのアプリを使用しているデバイスに接続し充電を開始します。
4. 充電率の充電目標レベルを確認し、予想充電時間(時刻)を確認します。
5. 充電途中の充電率が予想時間に合っているかを確認します。
6. 充電率が充電目標レベルに到達したら、充電器を外します。



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