Reduce data usage using music apps and cache functions [FavoriteArtists]

(About this article)
 This article tells you how to enjoy music and how it changes through the favorite Artists of the iPhone / iPad app.

(What is the cache function in music data?)
 If you want to enjoy music on your iPhone / iPad, you will often use the Apple Music app. With a subscription contract, you'll have access to almost inexhaustible music.
If you are using Apple Music, one of the biggest advantages is that you can use the artist's songs at any time by registering without downloading all the songs.

In this case, the problem is to download the data required for playing from the cloud environment each time you use it. For example, if you try to listen to songs on the go, each song will download several megabytes or more.

However, if you listen to the same song many times a day, it is not very smart to download it every time. I would appreciate it if you could keep the downloaded data as cache data for a certain period of time.
Experience shows that if you do not perform initialization operations, even songs that have not been downloaded will remain in the cache for several hours after you play them. And as the number of songs played increases, it is highly likely that old data will be lost.

If you imagine the above, it seems that you can do something like this. For example, if you create a playlist of songs you want to listen to and play them for 5 seconds each to create cache data, you can enjoy the songs on the go with almost no download. In other words, packet usage can be significantly reduced!

Newly developed based on this concept is the 5sec function of the Favorite Artists app. If you activate the 5sec function for the created song list, only the first 5 seconds of each song will be played. In the meantime, the song data will be accumulated in the cache.

This function creates cache data with the 5sec function in advance in the Wifi environment at home before going out, and then goes out. Then, when you go out, the data of the performance song is taken out from the cache data, so the packet usage can be greatly reduced.
Also, if you use the 5sec function in a place where there is a free Wifi service even when you are out, you will be able to accumulate additional cache data (replenishment of cache data).

We cannot guarantee that it will work, but if you are suffering from bill shock, why not give it a try? By the way, you can also read from the playlist.

(Features of FavoriteArtists)
Just register your favorite artists in the artist list in advance.
After that, if you press the song selection button, the song will be selected automatically.

(1 day, 1 artist, 1 song)
With this app, if you register 30 artists, 30 songs will be assigned automatically.
It will be a performance list for 2 hours as 4 minutes per song.
In addition, you can repeatedly select the same artist or concentrate on selecting only specific artists.

(Your own music program)
What you think about using this app every day is that your own music program is now automatically created. If you arrange the artists in the order you like, they will sort the songs appropriately.
You can check the set list before playing and change the order or the songs to be played.

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