#TimeDeCalc Time calculator on iPhone, iPad, macOS [TimeDeCalc]

TimeDeCalc is a time calculator that can be used on iPhone, iPad and macOS.

TimeDeCalc supports days, hours, minutes, seconds and also supports time combinations.
In addition, it is possible to calculate up to 3 decimal places, and it also performs processing such as rounding, rounding up, and truncation.

It supports various time calculations such as measurement analysis of sports competitions, travel time, factory production process management, learning time planning, space colony construction planning, etc.

It also supports the csv file output function so that it can be used with spreadsheet software such as Excel and Numbers. You will also be satisfied if you want to use or process the calculation results and calculation process with spreadsheet software.

Basic functions are free. When working with the time calculator, you will be charged if you want voice guidance on the input numbers.

Search for TimeDeCalc on the Apple App Store and give it a try.


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